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Welcome to the OFFICIAL TNT Amusements storefront. Here you will be able to get TNT branded merchandise, order the old Infomercial DVD, or Frank’s BATTERY BOARDS s!

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  1. Hi! I’m Bill. Big fan! I don’t know if you guys do 80’s home systems, or know a reputable person who does, but I’m looking for an Intellivision, the voice add-on, and games. Thanks!


    1. Hi! Try Joe Szabo in New Jersey….he has on Facebook Szabo’s Arcade. He deals with them! Todd

  2. Hi Todd, I just found this thanks to your latest video #1156 on You Tube and placed an order for a shirt and dvd …….hopefully on of those autographed trading cards too! 🙂

    Mike B

    1. We will do it!! Glad you liked the video…and the shirt and card going out today! Todd

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